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Discover The Joy of Cello

Learn How To Master Your Passion

From a 7-Time Carnegie Hall Performing Artist






The Ultimate Mastery Learning Experience.

All From The Comfort of Your Home.

In today's world, those who use a proven approach to mastery are far more empowered to activate and express the gifts, talents, and capacities within them. Because apprenticeship is the most powerful approach available for learning, you can now take advantage of the latest in live virtual technology to access one-on-one mastery coaching from the comfort and privacy of your home! Learn the proven steps to mastery to make sure that you’re doing it right.

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Get access to live one-on-one virtual sessions with Oliver!

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Learn the 9 Secrets to Mastery you need to achieve amazing results

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Get coaching and feedback on your progress from a proven mastery expert

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Optimize your practice habits in a few hours and know you’re doing it right

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Do all this from the comfort of your home!

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Get special insights from Oliver and his mentors


Meet Oliver

A champion for excellence in the performing arts and mastery expert, Oliver Bennett Schlaffer is a 7-Time Carnegie Hall cello performer, teacher, public speaker & bestselling author. 

Dedicated to his mission to inspire & empower humanity through the paradigm of classical music culture, Oliver will show you step-by-step how to master YOUR passion, so you can release and express the gifts you were meant to bring to the world.

“Self-development is nothing more than the development of personal awareness of truth, and awareness of truth is the doorway to extraordinary accomplishment.”

Oliver Bennett Schlaffer

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Discover the secrets of the world's

top artists, optimize your approach

to mastery, and produce exponential 

results in only a fraction of the time.

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Your Personalized Coaching


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Access to proven practice strategies by Oliver and his mentors

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Private virtual coaching sessions one-on-one

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Digital references and personalized MasteryPlan™

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Access to video recordings of your sessions provided within 48 hours 

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BONUS: Oliver Bennett provides exclusive access to future online resources currently in development.


It's Time to Take a Proven Approach to Learning & Mastery







What Makes the Coaching So Special?

It's All About the Approach.

In the virtual session, you will learn proven strategies to mastery that can be applied immediately and produce results to make sure you are doing it right.

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Get instant feedback on your current progress and methods

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After your virtual session, feel confident you are doing it right

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Finally feel confident about your own method of practice in building any skill

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Have an effective plan you can immediately implement

  • Who is mastery coaching for?
    Mastery coaching is for anyone who feels stuck in their current progress towards competency with a particular skill. It isn't only for musicians and artisans, but for any profession or hobby that takes time to master. The fastest way to achieving a desired level of progress is to work with a coach who has a proven approach to attaining it.
  • Doesn't my degree of talent determine how well I can master a skill?
    In most cases, your results have more to do with your approach to mastery than talent. Even the most admired experts - who would be called a prodigy or genius - have had access to special knowledge or a certain approach to learning that most do not, accompanied by a host of other factors. The simple truth is this: the more you know about the art of learning, the better and faster you can excel in any particular area of expertise.
  • How do I know that mastery coaching is for me?
    If any of the following things are true for you, then you would benefit from mastery coaching: You feel self doubt or frustration about significantly improving your abilities You want to see better results from your efforts in a shorter period of time You realize that a higher level of enjoyment at a skill comes with higher competency You want to achieve a higher level of skill, but you aren't sure how to reach it You have a deep desire to learn a new skill, but you worry you won't be good at it
  • How do I get started with mastery coaching?
    Simply click the button that says "Start Now" and book an appointment, Oliver is looking forward to meeting and helping you reach your goals!

Betty, Parent

Oliver's mentoring and training is impressive in his attention to detail, his patience, and his vast knowledge. He is a mentor who cares about his students and has the ability to inspire them to reach beyond their expectations or limitations.

Thank you Oliver!


Janet, Parent

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you for teaching my son not only how to play cello, but also how to become a good and mentally strong person. He told me that he read most of the books you recommended to him. He has become more mature and courageous, and better prepared to face and overcome life's difficulties. Once again, thank you!


Yoon, Parent

Theo often told us of the talks you had with him during his lessons, about self-motivation, focus, and organization. You talked with him about setting goals, both near- and long-term; and about the importance of planning in assuring future successes. We also feel lucky that Theo shared these particular years with you, so he was able to witness and benefit from your own career arc and growth. We always were amazed at the enthusiasm you shared with all your students, and the extra lengths to which you went in assuring their preparedness for significant auditions or milestones. We cannot thank you enough for all you did for Theo, and we encourage him to remain in touch with you in the future always, to share your mutual love for music and so much more.

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